Latest catch. All good!

On a record fair last weekend I sold some and bought some. Got rid of doubles like Electric Coffey. Let’s begin with the winner of these five records. Jacky Giordano (this time on Sonimage) is one of the most collectable artist in the world of library. This record however is not his most known. Some funky clavinet, modal jazz, Italian movie vibes, fuzz beat topped off with some corny stuff I do not like. Aristidos Santos from Brasil is just what I needed: ‘Chorar de amor’ is nice! A lalalala song if you know what I mean;) But how about the prettiest drummer alive? ‘Pretty Purdie’ in the pocket at last! I never settled for a reissue, sometimes waiting pays off. This is going to be my ‘Wedding Dj Sure Shot’! “Sundance, you do weddings too?” Yep, and Barmitswa’s, corporate parties, birthdays, art exhibitions etc. And most of the times it’s good fun! On with the program: Francis Lai’s best records don’t show up often. ‘Theme des voitures’ only lasts 1’14, but this easy sitar layer with vibes is hard to resist. Think D.I.T.C… Last but not least Jimmy Caravan. The track ‘Little Bird’ seems like your avarage ’68 jazz organ track, but maybe this is the real winner of this weeks catch.