Kid Sundance is a longtime hip hop producer and performer, and has worked on numerous projects in his own studio since the mid 80s including recordings with the likes of MC Rescue (Boomoperators), Busy Bee, Declaime (Dudley Perkins) and Phat Kat.

Kid Sundance started as a DJ in the mid-1980s. Through hip hop he got interested in the backbone of this music and started digging for any style that contains ‘dope sounds’. With these sounds he performs as a DJ, spinning lots of different styles to move the crowd. But he also likes to improvise with his turntables in a ‘band’ setting, using his records and turntables as a musical instrument.


In 2001 his first vinyl hits the streets. Producing hit tracks for Boomoperators, this is his first official step in the scene. The critically acclaimed Good Year EP sold out across Europe, Japan and the USA. Maarten Berkers Mablart shot a groundbreaking video in 2007: ‘Hu-KanTee-Hang’ was an instant classic.

All winners
‘Mother Earth’, his collaboration with Dudley Perkins (Declaime) was nominated for the ‘All Winners 2002’ chart of the legendary BBC’s Worldwide (Gilles Peterson) and was a favorite with many DJs around the world. The follow-up was released under the title “The Godfather” (FDR004). According to the same Mr. Peterson this is a ‘brilliant EP’! With a few instrumental tracks and five rap tracks by Dudley Perkins, this 30-minute EP is quite a trip. Another production was featured on the compilation ‘Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol.1’ by Compost Records (2003).

Maasai hip hop versus Busy Bee versus Jazzy Sport
From 2001 on, Kid Sundance has been producing and dj-ing for X Plastaz, a rap group from Tanzania whose line-up includes three full grown emcees, two rapping kids and a traditional Maasai singer. He produced the track ‘Msimu kwa msimu’, a danceable Indian influenced tune which was featured on the Rough Guide to African Rap and described by Billboard (USA) as one of the tracks which stand out on that compilation. It got played by John Peel twice…

In 2003 he hooked up with Busy Bee. ‘Hip Hop Icon’ got released in 2007. Due to a lot of media attention it ended up in play lists from all over the world. Supported by Africa Islam and Donald-D (Zulu Nation!).

More remixes

In 2008 a 7″ for Jazzy Sport Morioka was released. He put nine snippets in the SP1200, added the lovely voice of Urita, some extra keys by Rones and flavor we have! ‘Crazy Lady’ took off like a rocket with even Bobbito from NY spinnin’ it!

In 2010 Kid Sundance produced two remixes. The remix for Optimace got pressed on vinyl by Fremdtunes as part of The Series 1. The other one, The Mo&Grazz – Is this the way featuring U-Gene (Kid Sundance remix), is available as a free download.


In 2012 R&R Grooove Xpress – a project with his long time buddy R0nes- got released. This boogie/electro/disco/funk outfit reveals the roots of The Kid: ‘Ti Amo (de la fonque)‘ is just candy for your ear. This boogie track is available on vinyl as part of See-A-Sound, a Fremdtunes/bkkc project. Check out the amazing video for this track!

In September 2012 his first solo album will hit the music market: Kid’s Colors. Stay tuned!