The record above is my first solo album. With a little help of ROnes en Edward Capel, lots of samples and plenty synths and instruments.

Please check the video in the VIDEO section of this site! Or copy this:

The cover below is all about classic vinyl records now available in a nice digital package. In G major and The Godfather with Dudley Perkins with alternate artwork and a free instrumental bonus track.

Listen to R&R Grooove Xpress – Ti Amo (De La Fonque):

R&R Grooove Xpress is Kid Sundance and R0nes. Electro/boogie/disco/funk is what this is about. Ending up in Beatport’s Must Hear Nu Disco list, this Moog driven killer is guaranteed to rock the dancefloor. Check the video here.

Listen to Mo&Grazz – Is this the way? (feat. U-Gene) Kid Sundance Remix:

No samples this time. ‘Is this the way? (featuring U-Gene)’  was re-recorded with the Pianet T, vibes, Mini Pops and Elka Bass. This remix is new territory for Kid Sundance. Playing with live instruments this certainly sounds different. Sweetness to the fullest!   DOWNLOAD

Listen to Optimace – The Ultimate Rhythmmachine, Kid Sundance Ultimate Breakbeat Remix feat. Rescue:

Pianet T, a chopped up drum break and bass! Inspiring remix material supplied by OptiMace. Featuring Erwin Van. Beware kid’s secret weapon MC Rescue, just when you thought it was safe, this Dutch rappin’ legend enters the scenery.

Listen to Kid Sundance – Crazy Lady (feat. Urita & R0nes)

This is Kid’s first 7″ vinyl single. It features the EMU SP1200 and the Crumar! Plus the lovely voice of Urita and additional keys by R0nes. The ‘obscure’ vocal snippet is actually from a well know artist. Got an idea who this might be? No, not Michael Jackson when he was a young, but you’re close;)

Listen to Kid Sundance & Busy Bee – Hip Hop Icon:

In January 2007 the long awaited collaboration between Kid Sundance and hip hop legend Busy Bee was released on 12 inch.

Busy Bee started rappin’ in 1977 and earned his legendary reputation as The Original Chief Rocker with his ability to get the party started and keep the people on their feet. He rocked the early block parties and park jams of the South Bronx. Busy Bee was the world’s first solo rapper. A perfect display of his party starter techniques can be seen in the classic hip hop movie Wild Style. More recently he appeared on De La Soul’s ‘Art Official Intelligence’ LP and he did a tour together with KRS One. The track ‘Hip Hop Icon’ has captured the live feel from late 70s hip hop parties with a studio recording sound of the early eighties in a late 2006 setting. Now if that’s confusing, just listen to the track.

Listen to Frank N Dank – Ruff, Rugged & Raw (Kid Sundance Remix):

Detroit Dilla rappers hitting Dutch beats with their funky flow on Dopeness Galore. Kid Sundance was asked to do a remix at the very last moment. Nevertheless he provided this album with a mysterious remix on some ‘Whodunnit?” plot. Frank N Dank were very happy with the results. This album got worldwide attention. Dopeness Galore indeed!

Listen to Kid Sundance & Dudley Perkins: The Godfather EP – Peace (yes):

This EP contains 4 new tracks by Dudley Perkins. Also appearing: Declaime and his alter ego. He even introduces a new one: Knuckle Draggin’ Johnson. Five skits, two brand new instrumentals with analogue synths/alto clarinet and a remix make this package a winner. It’s a like a soundtrack for a non existing movie. The music has different moods and swings, hip hop with a hint of exotic cosmic jazz.

Listen to Kid Sundance & Dudley Perkins: In “G” Major – Mother Earth:

On this three track maxi single, Kid Sundance meets Dudley Perkins for the first time. The track “Mother Earth” made it to the “All Winners 2002” chart by BBC’s Worldwide, hosted by Gilles Peterson. “Fault (No)” even made it to Dutch national television as it was chosen to accompany a tv commercial by KitKat. The last track – “Fault (Yes)” – is a remix. It features trumpet playing by Kid Sundance. Which is rather unique since he doesn’t play that instrument at all…

Listen to Ennio Morricone – Indagine Su Un Cittadino Al Di Sopra Di Ogni Sospetto (Kid Sundance Remix):

This remix project was initiated by Compost, Germany. Kid Sundance did some chopping madness with approval of the maestro himself, spaghetti western king Ennio Morricone!

The drum sounds are recorded in Australia, for those that know;)

Listen to X Plastaz- Msimu kwa msimu:

Tanzanian raps with Kid’s beats, John Peel (RIP) was fan. ‘Msimu kwa msimu’ also can be found on the cd The Rough Guide To African Hip Hop. According to Bill Board Magazine ‘Msimu kwa msimu’ is one of the stand out tracks.

Listen to Boomoperators – The Good Year EP – Mr.Morfine:

The hip hop history of the Boomoperators is a long one. Kid Sundance and Rescue have been involved in hip hop in the south of the Netherlands since the early days. But only in 1999 they started to work together. Programming Man, a friend of Rescue from the legendary crew Big Tales, added some beats too and Boomoperators was formed. The magic of that combination resulted in their succesful ‘The Goodyear EP’ in 2001 on Fair Deal Records, distributed by Groove Attack in Germany. They got lots of airplay, their stuff appeared on mixtapes and they did shows as a support act for Jeru the Damaja.